Color is back—walls, floors, cabinetry and appliances all are sporting new colors, and now is the time to look at what’s hot for 2021.

Walls. The truth is, color has been making new strides for some time now, but the popular colors for 2021—cranberry/soft red, natural greens and apricot/soft orange—lend a lush and calm feel to bedrooms and living rooms alike. 

Floors. Complementing those brightly colored walls, natural stone, marble and wood-look floors are commanding the scene this coming year. Intricately-patterned, neutral-toned tiles also have gained momentum. 

Cabinets. Neutral-toned, seamless cabinets continue to be popular among home builders and remodelers, and for good reason. The timelessness of neutral hues and the clean lines add a panache to kitchens that simply lasts and lasts.

Appliances. Appliances are a mixed bag this year. Different colors of stainless steel have emerged as a popular option, as have bold reds and greens. Of course, timeless whites and blacks never really go out of style, but this coming year may be the time to branch out into bolder colors that complement bolder walls and softer-toned floors.

While the trend is there, experiment with colors that excite you. With people spending more time than ever at home, the opportunity has never been riper.