If there ever was such a thing as a seller’s market, it’s now. With COVID-19 worries and job insecurities, many people who might otherwise think about moving are sitting tight in their homes. That means housing stocks down are down 40 percent or more across the country, making house hunting a tall order, especially on a budget.

However, if you find yourself in that position, now’s the time to find the kind of real estate agent that can help you jump on the right opportunity at the right time for a price that won’t stretch you past your means.

To make sure you make the very most of the opportunities your agent will bring your way, make sure you’ve decided exactly what you’re looking for, what you must have and can do without, and what your price ceiling is. While it may seem that narrowing down your options is counterintuitive in a tight market, having your ideal on paper will help your agent find exactly what you’re looking for and keep you from indecision in the moment of truth, when delaying even a few minutes can give a rival bidder just the time they need to dash ahead of you.

And be available—extra available—for appointments your agent books for you. You may have only a couple of hours to visit, decide and make an offer. So be ready to jump when you get the call.

Buying in a tight market can be tough, but if you’re positive what you want and find a diligent agent who will help you get it, you can still find a home you love.